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Red Rice Murukku or Chakli

India with it’s colourful mosaic of cultures, has a festival anytime of the year. All the festivals are associated with special food items. One such savoury snack is Murukku. This is made for Diwali by Hindus and for Christmas by Christians. Mine is a mixed household which allows me to enjoy the pleasure of celebrating both the festivals.

Murukku is typically made from a mixture of urad dal flour, rice flour and other spices. The West/ North Indian Chakri or Chakli is normally made of Besan and rice flour. Every household has their own way of making this dish. This was my first try and I nailed it. It was crispy and tasty. That’s the reason the recipe hit the blog.

The variation from the regular recipe is that I used ‘Puncha’ red rice. This red rice is produced in the Kuttanad region (rice bowl of Kerala). It retains the distinct colour and flavour of the brownish rice bran, which is also powdered along with the processed grains. I consider anything brown to be ‘Healthy’  🙂   The red color gave the snack a distinct look.

The traditional way of preparing Murukku calls for making the rice flour and the urad flour from the scratch. As I had the flours bought from the Indian  grocery shop, I used the same for this recipe.

Makes 15 medium sized murukkus

2 cups Red Rice flour/ Raw rice flour

2 teaspoon Urad dal flour (Black lentil flour)

2 teaspoon Butter *Do not substitute with ghee or shortening or oil

1/4 teaspoon Asafoetida (hing) powder

1/4 teaspoon Ajwain/ Carom/ Thymol/ Omam seeds

1/4 teaspoon White Sesame seeds

1/4 teaspoon Red Chilli powder

Salt to taste


Oil for deep frying

A Murukku press / Chakli maker ( I used the rotating kind of  murukku maker with 1 star attachment)


  • Sieve the rice and urad dal flour to remove debris and lumps. Melt the butter, just warm enough.
  • Mix all the dry ingredients along with the butter in a bowl. Form a stiff dough adding little water.
  • Fix the 1 star attachment to the murukku maker. Grease the inside of the murukku press for easy passage of the dough.
  • Put the dough inside the murukku maker (the part with the hole). Place the plunger to press the dough through the hole.
  • Grease a holed ladle or slotted ladle (jalli karandi).
  • Pipe the dough in a circular motion to make a spiral form on the ladle. Make atleast 2-3 spirals. If not, simply make a free form lattice pattern or a lacy web.
  • Heat oil in a deep pan (Kadai/ wok/ Balti). With care topple the spirals from the ladle to the hot oil. Cook in medium flame.
  • If you are confident, then pipe the dough directly into the oil until sufficient amount of dough has dropped. Stop pressing the plunger.
  • Fry the murukku till it floats on top and the crackling noise ceases. Fry until both sides are evenly cooked or till brownish golden and crispy, flipping atleast once.
  • Drain the murukku on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Cool it before storing in airtight containers.

This snack stays crispy and crunchy atleast for a week. Mostly it will be gone before a week’s time. Enjoy !


15 thoughts on “Red Rice Murukku or Chakli

  1. Hi, Ida,
    I was excited to see this recipe. My daughter loves murrukku.

    Please post some good fluffy and juicy cake recipe….

    looking forward to….

    1. Hi Sherin,
      Thanks for visitng my blog. It’s nice to know that your little girl likes murruku. I tried it for the first time and got it right:)

    1. I’m not sure Manjula. Uncle Ben’s whole rice is so not like the murukku rice. You may want to give a try, but do not expect fab results.

  2. I made a small trial batch earlier today with stone ground brown rice flour & i must say – the murukus turned out superb!! So happy my husband and kids polished it off!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!

  3. Hie Cheryl,

    Jus finished making a batch of murukkus n they turned out jus awesome. I mean I cant tell u how happy I am. My daughter jus loves murukkus n I must have tried n number of recipes but in vain. But ur recipe is jus perfect. Thanks a ton for sharing.


  4. Hey hie Cheryl,

    I had tried this recipe last year, but i dont remember what i did. Do we hav to roast the rice n then grind it to make flour or jus grind it widout roasting. Will you please help.


    1. Hi Sushmitha,

      In my recipe I haven’t used whole rice. I’ve used store bought red rice flour. I do not know how to make with whole rice. Unable to help you with this query.

  5. Hie Cheryl,

    I personally found roasted red rice flour chaklis are more tastier than the non roasted rice flour.

    Thanks once again for the recipe will always be indebted to you for the same as that is the only thing my lil one loves from the christmas platter.


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