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Choco-nana Crinkle Cookies (Whole wheat, Egg free, Dairy free)

I baked cookies today. So I shall call myself cookiewali!

For the non-Indian readers, ‘wali’ is the suffix for female gender and ‘wala’ for male gender. Recently, I came across a thread in an online forum where a home baker was addressed by her client as ‘cakewali’. Going by the same suffixation, an IT personnel is computerwala/wali, an oscar winning actor is nautangiwala/wali, a chemist is dawaiwala/wali, a renowned chef is bawarchi, a pâtissier/ chocolatier is halwai and so on.

It sounds funny, right? Politically and technically it’s not wrong. At the same time, it’s about being sensitive and respectful to your fellow being. Addressing someone by their name is a kind gesture. Trust me, it costs nothing!

crinkle pic

With that note, let me begin the description of this crinkle cookie which is made with whole wheat. It is also egg free, dairy free and nut free. For the first time I made cookies with atta also called as chapati flour (durum wheat flour). Chocolate and banana compliment each other. And whole wheat makes it sorta guilt free. These cookies are fudgey, cakey and pillowey with a chewy interior and a slightly crisp cracked surface. These also look attractive with a dark and light contrast. With a glass of cold milk, these taste heavenly.

This recipe is generously adapted from here.

Makes about 20 cookies. The recipe can be doubled.


Take 2 bowls and add the listed ingredients.

Bowl 1

  • 1 cup + 2 tbsp atta. You can also use All purpose flour or any whole wheat flour.
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt

Bowl 2

  • 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp sugar. I used organic cane sugar. You can use white granulated sugar.
  • 1/4 cup oil. I used grape seed oil. Use any neutral flavored oil.
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup banana puree. Ripe bananas give better flavor. Can be substituted with applesauce.
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup powdered sugar for coating. You can skip this. But you will not get the dark and light contrast.


1. I used Guittard Cocoa Rouge (Dutch processed) cocoa powder. It has a deep color and rich bittersweet flavor. You can use any cocoa powder. Good chocolate tastes better than cheap ones. Keep this in mind while buying cocoa powder for use.

step 1

2. Keep bowl 1 and 2 ingredients ready. Mix the bowl 1 ingredients with a whisk. Mix the bowl 2 ingredients in the mixer at low speed for 5-7 minutes. Since this is a small quantity, I used my hand mixer. The ingredients must be well blended but should not lighten too much in texture. Fluffy mixture produces cakey cookies. We’re aiming for a homogeneous mixture.

step 2

3. Using a spatula, add the bowl 1 mixture to bowl 2. Add 2 tablespoons flour mixture at a time. Do not dump all the flour. You’ll be using elbow grease for no reason. DO NOT OVER MIX. The dry ingredients should just disappear into the wet ingredients. At this point, the dough is a shaggy mess. This is how mine looked. I transferred the dough to a smaller bowl.

step 34. Now cover the dough with a cling film. And stick the bowl into the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or overnight or in the freezer for an hour. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. You can also keep the dough refrigerated for 3 days or freeze for a month. Thaw the dough in the refrigerator and use as instructed.

5. Pre heat the oven at 350° F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Remove the bowl of dough. Grease your palms with oil. The dough is manageable when cold. If the room is warm, the dough becomes sticky. If so, stick the dough into the freezer for 10 mins. Make 1.5 inch dough balls. I used a melon baller to scoop the dough. Leave 2 inches space between each dough ball and place on the lined cookie sheet.

step 4

6. Keep a bowl of powdered sugar. This step is optional. Roll the dough balls to coat with a thick layer of powdered sugar. Do not skimp, else you will not get that contrasting look. Place the coated balls on the lined cookie sheet. You can choose to combine step 5 and step 6 together. But I found it mucky. So I split the rolling and the coating.

7. Place the cookie sheet on the middle rack of the pre heated oven. Bake for 15 mins. The cookies will spread a little and will puff up causing cracks on the surface. Cool the cookies on the cookie sheet placed on a cooling rack. You can dust the excess powdered sugar. Serve with cold milk or hot tea. Store cookies in an air tight container for 3 days. These cookies keep well for a week when refrigerated.

step 6

This is a delish chocolate treat. The fruity banana flavor is very mild against the robust chocolate. Gooey inside and cakey on the outside, just the way I like my cookies. This is a keeper.

Copyright –  All content (text, recipes and photos) in this blog, unless specified are my original creations and are copyright of Cheryl Rajkumar. Hence, all rights reserved and use of the content is legally prohibited without permission. The content in this blog is strictly not for commercial use in your menu, classes or TV shows. I will take legal action if my content is used for commercial purpose.

58 thoughts on “Choco-nana Crinkle Cookies (Whole wheat, Egg free, Dairy free)

    1. Thanks Aishwarya. Pls do try and let me know. You can skip the sugar coating. Less calories you know. WTH, it’s a cookie after all 😉

  1. Love the pics and thank you for the recipe for these cookies, Cheryl. What is the yield for this recipe with the melon baller?

  2. Hey Cheryl when you say whole wheat flour would the atta in India be okay to use for the recipe ? For that matter is whole wheat flour in the US or anywhere in the world same as the whole wheat flour in India ? Does the same apply to the flour used in a whole wheat bread ?

    1. Yes Anjali. These cookies were made using our desi atta. Whole wheat flour in the US is not our atta. The wheat itself is different. Whole wheat bread baked using atta is very dense. But it’s an acquired taste. I’ve never been successful baking atta breads. It’s tannic and crumbles upon slicing.

  3. Will definitely try out this recipe sooon and post the results. I had tried a different recipe once for crinkle cookies but didn’t get this striking contrast.
    Also thanks for explaining that whole wheat flour and our atta is different just tried a bread yest…and yes it is just crumbling when I try to slice and is so dense.

    1. Shivangi – The striking color contrast is due to the generous coating of powdered sugar and good cocoa powder. Dutch processed cocoa powder gives a deep dark color to cookies.

      Atta and western whole wheat flour are different in their protein content and starch damage. Without any debate, full on atta bread has proved to be a disaster for me. Some may disagree. But so far this has been my experience.

  4. Looks super yumm, Cherul……want to make it rightaway…dnt have banana or apple handy…..any substitutions wud work? Thanxx!

  5. Hey Cheryl.. The cookie dough is in the fridge right now.. Wll let u know how it tured out.. Used puréed cooked apples as I don’t have bananas.

    1. Pureed cooked apple is nothing but applesauce which is ideal for these cookies. You’ll get full on chocolate flavor. Banana puree was just to give a different flavor profile. Good luck 🙂

  6. I have few recipes to try out from ur space 🙂 and this one is another to do now may b very quick now 😀 When I 1st saw this in fb tot must b pretty complicated stuff but really not 🙂
    Keep posting ur simple recipes dear

  7. Awee…so these are the cookies everyone is talking about on FB…looks yum and perfect! I made chickpea crinkle cookies sometime the banana used in these cookies.
    Pinned the recipe on my egg free cookies board.

    1. Yes Sanjeeta. This is the recipe that’s making rounds on FB. Chickpea crinkles sounds good. I’m yet to try a gluten free version of these crinkles. Thanks 🙂


    1. I jotted down this recipe while browsing through the above mentioned magazine when waiting for my Derm’s appointment. I gave the link to this magazine’s website so as to give credit to the original creator. After all this idea didn’t pop out of my grey cells, but the recipe was meticulously developed using my baking skills. You may have to navigate in their website to find the recipe.

  9. lol. I like the Cookie Wali name Cheryl 🙂 These have come out beautifully, love the texture and inviting pics too

    Glad to follow you 🙂

  10. I cant bake to survive I guess.. but I loved reading your post. Especially the introduction. And I love your blog design.

  11. Hi Cheryl, have u tried this recipe with Apple Sauce as u mentioned? Does it taste equally good as banana.. Just wanted to try a variation.. As already did banana few times

  12. I tried this out and can’t tell you what a super hit this was with my coworkers and family. Loved the melt in the mouth chocolate … Nothing better than that. Thanks Cheryl for the recipe and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  13. Hi Cheryl,
    Can I skip the sugar all together and add a little more banana puree??? Wont be sweet enough I guess! I wanna try to do that.

    – Sudha

    1. Pls do not omit the sugar. The cookies will not be crisp.Sugar is added not just for sweetness, but it gives the texture and holds the dough together. Adding more banana won’t help.


  14. Hi Cheryl ,

    I run away from baking … These looked way too inviting so I find myself baking for the first time . I’ve set the oven to 365 as I feel it doesn’t heat as much as it should . Secondly , the cookies are in the oven right now and after 15 mins – I find the top still gooey . Is this how they are supposed to be or sturdy ? …. They have increased in size though and some of them have a crack as well . Should I let them bake for some more time?

    Hope to hear from you , even though the cookies will have to be pulled out by then haha ! Hope these turn out good 🙂 !

    Thanks !


    1. All recipes in my blog (unless specified) are measured using US cup measurements. Is there an Indian standard measuring system?

  15. Cheryl : Thanks..I am going to try it.Just keen to know ,that i have some hazlenuts chocolate (Tudor Gold) .Can i break those chocolates and mix few in the dough ?Regarding measurements ,Ya found so after going through other blogs n so.It would be great help if anywhere you have mentioned in your page about the conversion in gm for general ingredients.

  16. Looks yummy…just what I was looking bake with my darling daughter 🙂
    However, just had one question…can I use unsweetened coaco powder and if yes should I increase the sugar?

  17. Utterly sinful…. Thanks for such an amazing recipe. Made a batch and it just flew away in minutes. Though i didnt mix the ingredients for the specified time, it tasted great. Hubby has asked to make another batch tomorrow and reserve 10 of them for himself. Now that’s a real compliment. Can’t thank you enough. :-*

  18. Thanks for the awesome recipe Cheryl..I’m an amateur baker trying out with my new MR oven..the problem is I didn’t have those beautiful cracks..I measured exactly as yours…please tell me where I have gone wrong

  19. Hi Cheryl, I’ve been drooling over these cookies since forever. Today I’m giving it a try by halving the recipe. Now I’m halfway through mixing bowl 1 ingredients into bowl 2, and my mixture is already a ball of dough. Could it because I’m using whole wheat aata (Mantra organic)?

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