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I casually started this blog to share recipes related to food and health. I started cooking because I like tasty but healthy food. I love everything about food – cooking it, eating it, growing it, shopping for it and reading about it.

Cheryl – The Author

I am a self-taught (many trials and more errors) cook, baker, patio gardener and health freak. My friends and family say that I have an innate ability to present a delicious meal on the table. A fearless contriver in my kitchen, I trust my senses than the recipes! I believe that endeavoring to make most things from scratch honors FOOD itself and practice it too.

I was a health care professional (Pediatric Cancer).  Knowledge that I acquired working in the health care industry (*I’m not a Nutritionist) and  from  various reliable sources is my foundation to  share useful information related to food and good health.

Born in coastal Goa, raised in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, India explains my inclination towards Indian cuisine. Living over half a decade in the Island Country, Singapore was a curtain-raiser to a variety of hybridized food. In 2006 I moved to Dublin, Ireland one of the expensive cities in Europe. Mid 2011, I quit my job in Ireland. Moved to the USA to join PR, my husband. First city – Raleigh, NC/ Second city – Columbus,OH/ Third city – Albany, NY. Quite a few moves in a year’s time. Currently, we live in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

The longer version about me is….here

What is Kitchen kemistry?

Kitchen Kemistry is a collection of  TRIED and TESTED/TASTED recipes and techniques in my tiny kitchen with local ingredients. Being a locavore, my cooking is straight-forward with an emphasis on whole and fresh seasonal ingredients that offer more flavors, texture and choice. All garnered after goofy blunders, cooking disasters, burnt fingers and chipped nails. Apart from my kitchen adventures, you’ll also find slices of my life barrelling my way as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, traveller, food blogger, food lover, recipe developer and photographer.

I cook varied cuisine so that foodies all over the globe find something here. My living experience in three continents (Asia, Europe and North America) and travelling over a dozen countries influence my cooking style and choice of food. Kitchepedia contains information about cooking/ baking. Recipe index  provides the list of recipes with a key for easy navigation.

I endow food recipes of  plant and animal origin, so not to patronize any food lover. I am a flexitarian – I love my veggies and fruits also enjoy chicken, lamb, fish and seafood. It does not matter if you are a Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore, Ovo-lacto vegetarian, Pollotarian, Pescetarian, Fruitarian, Vegan – There is something here for everyone. Here at my little space I  encourage to eat fresh, seasonal foods that not only taste good but is kind to the body. Hence, you’ll find minimal preparation using canned/ready-to-cook stuff and nil doctored recipes pre-mixes.

Why Kitchen Kemistry?

As a Life Science graduate, I believe that cooking is a perfect combination of science and art. Behind every art, there is a science that created it. After mastering the basics and applying that knowledge, a cook can yield successful results. With creativity, the end-product can be transformed into something unique and exceptional. In baking, precision and accuracy counts. With the rigor of science and grace of art, cooking is a delightful labor and food is a pleasurable bounty. Concocting with this rationale, Kitchen Kemistry provides recipes with the science that happens back stage.

I intend to cook and bake as long as I have the primary test subject, critic, partner – my husband.

Join me in discovering new flavors and the fun in cooking and say ‘Hello’ to fresh homemade food.

Kitchen kemistry is available to test recipes, create recipes, free lance food writing, consultation to customize menu, food product review, restaurant review and sponsored food event. I can help you create menus and organize events that is specific to your requirement. Contact me  for serious inquiries.