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  • Archana says

Hi Cheryl,

“I stumbled upon your FB page via HBG and man, what a find!! I’m a hobby baker, quite tame compared to you all 🙂:)
I tried your brownie recipe and it was yummy.. so much that I cudn’t get a decent pic 🙂:)
Thank you (a big one from my kids) !!”

Date – July 31, 2012.

“Been thinking about making a loaf for my home since the time I got to know that the Brown or wheat breads available in the market are not really whole wheat but just have caramelised sugar added !!! Asked the gyan guru Cheryl for a simple recipe which even if one tried their best/worst 🙂 it couldn’t be messed up. She gave me one so so simple I couldn’t believe it would turn out good. But decided to try it as sometimes (wish it was that way all the time) the simplest of recipes turn out to be awesomeeeee. This is one of those. Simple and easy. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Cheryl Rajkumar for your recipe. So enough of the talk…Now about the bread… Its a simple, everyday loaf. made it with half maida half wheat keeping in mind all the discussion of the kind of flour in India etc etc 🙂 will try whole wheat next. Cheryl’s recipe had pesto added to it but as this was my first  I just wanted to get the base right so didn’t add it.”

Date – Oct 4, 2012

Thanks for the mention Shivangi. Glad you liked the recipe and the outcome was a success.

“Made this bread today . Added a dash of honey . It was absolutely delicious . Thanks Cheryl”

Date – Oct 6, 2012.

Thanks Lakshmi. Happy Baking!

  • Farah Khan tried the Basic White Bread recipe and was thrilled with the outcome. This is what she says about the recipe and her experience trying out this basic loaf.

“Believe me…if it wasn’t for ur detailed explanation, my loaf would not have turned out half as good! Thanks a ton for posting this recipe! But I have to be honest! I was scared of failure so I did watch quite a few videos on making a white bread loaf before I actually did!your failures and hard work make us succeed! :)”

Date – Nov 23, 2012.

Thanks a mil Farah for your kind words.

Date – Nov 26, 2012.
Thanks Sowmya for the feedback. I’m thrilled to know that you liked the muffins.
Date – Nov 28, 2012.
Thanks Varalekhsmy for the feedback. Happy to know that you liked this recipe.
  • Vidya Gopal tried the Egg free double chocolate cookies. She says  “I tried these yesterday (and promised myself that this would be my last indulgence until 31/12!) and they came out quiet yum! I had sweetened apple sauce so I reduced the sugar, I ended up adding a little more buttermilk than you mentioned because of which it came out cakey, an extra 5 mins the oven made it cookie-ey (soft and moist). This recipe is a keeper 🙂

Date – Nov 28,2012.

Thanks Vidya for trying the recipe. i’m thrilled to know that you liked it.
  • Bindu Ajit made the Basic White Bread. She says ” It’s a big day for me…..the FIRST hand-made loaf of bread!!! the nerves, the excitement, the agony of the wait, the pure pleasure……what a joyride! forever grateful to Cheryl for the recipe in baby-steps, and the kind encouragement……errr and stopping here before i do an Oscar-style one thanking my primary school English grammar teacher too;-)”

Date – Nov 29, 2012.

Thanks Bindu for trusting in me and the recipe guidelines. This means a lot to me. It’s pure joy to see my recipe given life. You’ve done it really well.
  • Prabha Krishna tried the Corn and Spinach muffins. This is what she says – One more from your blog…The corn and spinach muffin came out really well…Mild and super taste. instant hit at home. Thanks again:-)

Date – Dec 2, 2012.

prabha krishna's muffins
Thanks again. I’m thrilled 🙂
  • Nicky tried the Basic White Bread. She says – First attempt in bread baking … Thank you Cheryl Rajkumar .. For recipe and detailed explanation from your blog 🙂

Date – March 29, 2013.

Nicky's breadThanks Nicky. I’m happy for you. I didn’t bake one like this the first time. I’m so glad you nailed it.

9 thoughts on “Readers Feedback

  1. I tried your Simple Bread recipe(for Beginner’s) and I was amazed with myself. My Husband just loved it. Texture of the bread turned out perfect. I have been looking for such recipe for a while now and I am glad the way you have penned it down it is just perfect. I followed all of your steps and the details mentioned just adds to a new bakers experience.

    I am looking for a good eggless loaf cake recipe but have not found a good one yet.. I would be really happy if you have one and can put it up here…

    Kudos for putting up such a great awesome blog/website. Great work!!


  2. Hello Cheryl! I tried ur white bread ystdy…something tht ive been wanting to do frm ages. Ws on cloud 9..with the result. Thanks a ton! The only hitch is..i found it to be a bit dense. Where culd I have gone wrong? I used instant dry yeast. Plz help me with this.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Deepa.

      Kneading is the key to softness in a bread. Manual kneading can be a Herculean task. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it next time around. Also substituting milk for water gives tender crumbs. I kept it dairy free for vegans. Feel free to enrich the dough with milk and sugar. You’ll get a wonderful outcome.

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I’ve been trying to make soft chapatis for the past 9+ years now & it’s always been on my mind. Seen many videos, asked many ppl for their special secret for very soft chapatis but never achieved the result. I completely gave up even trying for 6 years. this Tuesday I thought I’ll try again after going through numerous recipes and videos & guess what? Failed again miserably!! I was searching for answers on google of course and stumbled upon your webpage. it looks very promising. Will try next week, so wish me luck. I might add yogurt though….
    so wish me luck and thank you for the post! 🙂

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