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Cinnamon Maple Butter

Maple Cinnamon Butter

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Almond Butter Cookies

Chock full of almonds and almond butter in a bite is what I wanted in a cookie.  These Almond Butter Cookies are made in a jiffy for tea. As I was clearing the refrigerator, I found half a bottle of almond butter that will head towards the bin next month. As usual, I was browsing through my bake books for a recipe that I can use up the almond butter. Finally, I found Dorie Greenspan’s Peanut butter crisscrosses. This recipe came to form by tweaking the original one. And I sprinkled colored sugar. Cute! ain’t it? When PR returned home, I offered these for tea and he gave me that ‘Are you kidding?’ look. Well, I know colored sugar is mostly for kids but WTH? I like cookies with colored or regular sugar. The taste is what matters and this one is a winner! The day I baked these almondies was a RAINY day in San Jose. We hardly had sun light for an hour or so. This is the best picture I could shoot with my mobile instagram.

almond cookies

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Breakfast/ Brunch

Golden Scones

Scones!  ‘Skon’ that’s how I pronounce it.  The origin and who deserves the honor is unclear, but it’s definitely from the UK or Ireland. By the way, who cares about the origin as long as one can bake fresh scones for breakfast. With butter curls, home made bumble berry preserve and a cuppa of tea or coffee, it’s heavenly. Trust me, it’s one heck of a breakfast.

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Heavenly Chocolate Ganaches and it’s many uses – updated version

Chocolate Ganache is amazingly versatile in baking. It’s indulgent taste and rich velvety texture has lots of uses. Ganache can be transformed as a glaze, poured over any cake as a frosting/ icing , truffles, piped into canapes, sauce for ice cream, filling for patisserie, topping for cookies, chocolate fondue, chocolate coating, chocolate mousse, chocolate drinks and more. Usually, Ganache is made with equal proportions of cream and chocolate. But, I use little butter and/or liqueur that gives ganache a desirable shiny texture and wonderful flavor. The taste of the final product depends on the chocolate used. Hence, it is essential to use a good quality chocolate to make gorgeous ganache.

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Orange Butter

Sweet cream butter flavored with fresh OJ and sweetened with organic honey. Tangy orange juice infused and orange zest flavored butter pairs perfectly with toast, pancakes, blintz, waffles,crepes, quick breads, muffins, hot rolls, biscuits and even vegetable stir fry. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare this and keeps well for about a week in the refrigerator. The flavor dissipates after a week. Make fresh preservative-free butter with fresh ingredients. Continue reading “Orange Butter”

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Pink Lamingtons

Lamingtons, it’s pink. If not for valentine’s day, it will a plain sponge. I tasted lamingtons for the first time when dad bought a boxful from his college bakery in Pune, Maharashtra. This made semester breaks enjoyable as I would look forward to having lamingtons with my famiy. I loved it as it was a moist chocolate coated sponge. Truly speaking, I’ve never seen this piece of baked product in any Indian bakery. Later, It was my Aussie flatmate who mentioned about this delectable delight. It helps sharing your living space with different nationalities, atleast we get to know about one’s regional delicacies. That’s how I came to know that Lamingtons originated in Australia. Continue reading “Pink Lamingtons”

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Emergency Egg-free Chocolate Brownies (less than 5 minutes)

Microwave Eggfree Gooey Brownie for those moments of  ‘I WANT IT NOW’ chocolate craving….with a drizzle of Chocolate Syrup. If you have a husband like mine who is a chocolate addict, then this is a quick fix that can be prepared in about 5 minutes. I’ve never baked anything in a microwave. I use microwave oven for reheating food and making tea. But this ‘Chocolate’ delight came out cooked/baked well like the regular brownies. Continue reading “Emergency Egg-free Chocolate Brownies (less than 5 minutes)”