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Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake

This post is dedicated to my Grand mom. She’s the first baker I knew. I grew up eating her pressure cooker cakes for Christmas and birthdays. She was one strong woman who left the country she was born and raised (then British Malaya, now Singapore), married a stranger chosen by her family and moved to India during World War 2, bore 8 kids, raised them with discipline and values, worked as a school Principal all her life, worked post-retirement just to keep herself occupied and took her last breath on her birthday at the ripe age of 80. Grand dad was the typical chauvinist husband. Nothing much to write home about.

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Desserts/ Sweets/ Snacks

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes/ Beery Cupcake and Boozy Frosting –

Here’s my St.Patty’s Day dessert – Guinness dark chocolate cupcakes with sweet boozy buttercream frosting. Let the luck of the Irish shine on you.

As I’ve mentioned in one my previous post I don’t fancy having Guinness neat. As an additive in cakes, breads or stews, it makes the final product flavorful. I adapted Nigella’s Guinness Chocolate Cake and tweaked a wee bit. I used dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder and replaced the cream cheese frosting with a green colored boozy frosting. First time I made this cake, I was amazed at it’s super moist texture and deep chocolate flavor.

These cupcakes are fluffy and airy, not beery as it gets baked out in the oven.The real kick comes from the frosting made with ‘Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Honey Liqueur’. I didn’t have Jamesons to make these cuppies top to toe Irish. The frosting is like the creamy head (I made a green one for St.Patty’s day) on a pint of guinness. The mild chocolate and coffee notes of guinness marry well with 100% dark chocolate to produce these delicate and incredibly moist cupcakes with a tangible richness of the draught.

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Pink Lamingtons

Lamingtons, it’s pink. If not for valentine’s day, it will a plain sponge. I tasted lamingtons for the first time when dad bought a boxful from his college bakery in Pune, Maharashtra. This made semester breaks enjoyable as I would look forward to having lamingtons with my famiy. I loved it as it was a moist chocolate coated sponge. Truly speaking, I’ve never seen this piece of baked product in any Indian bakery. Later, It was my Aussie flatmate who mentioned about this delectable delight. It helps sharing your living space with different nationalities, atleast we get to know about one’s regional delicacies. That’s how I came to know that Lamingtons originated in Australia. Continue reading “Pink Lamingtons”

Desserts/ Sweets/ Snacks · Vegetarian

Emergency Egg-free Chocolate Brownies (less than 5 minutes)

Microwave Eggfree Gooey Brownie for those moments of  ‘I WANT IT NOW’ chocolate craving….with a drizzle of Chocolate Syrup. If you have a husband like mine who is a chocolate addict, then this is a quick fix that can be prepared in about 5 minutes. I’ve never baked anything in a microwave. I use microwave oven for reheating food and making tea. But this ‘Chocolate’ delight came out cooked/baked well like the regular brownies. Continue reading “Emergency Egg-free Chocolate Brownies (less than 5 minutes)”

Desserts/ Sweets/ Snacks

Christmas 2011 and Delectable Fruitcake

Our 6ft Christmas tree decorated by us 🙂

It’s late to write about Christmas…..but I wanted to complete what I started. The past decade I always worked on Christmas day or just spent the day by myself. A price paid for living overseas away from family and friends. Last year, PR and I were with my family and had a great time with our relatives. This year was special because we were on our own as a couple. Practicing customs helps us follow traditions. We put up the Christmas tree on the second week of December, decorated with candy canes, santa, snowman, nut crackers, glitter balls and bows. Along with putting up the tree, buying a poinsettia plant, sending greeting cards to family and friends, making orange pomanders and filling the flower vase with my favorite fresh tulips for a festive holiday display came the week long baking and cooking.

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