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Basil Cardamom White Chocolate Chantilly

Basil Cardamom White Chocolate Chantilly! This lethally rich, sweet and airy petite sized dessert which leaves you wanting more. A light dessert that takes care of your sugar craving 😜

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Desserts/ Sweets/ Snacks

Irish cream Panna Cotta topped with Caramel Coffee Sauce

When you mention Irish cream….Baileys is what comes to mind. This cream liquer has a rich flavour  with Irish whiskey as its base and can be enjoyed on the rocks or as part of a cocktail. I love it over ice as a dessert drink. When flavoured with coffee it is a perfect after dinner drink. Panna cotta is italian pudding – translates as ‘cooked cream’. This silky,smooth, creamy pudding with a hint of irish cream slips down beautifully at the end of a meal. This dessert has an excellent taste and flavor that just hits the spot.

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