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Choco-nana Crinkle Cookies (Whole wheat, Egg free, Dairy free)

I baked cookies today. So I shall call myself cookiewali!

For the non-Indian readers, ‘wali’ is the suffix for female gender and ‘wala’ for male gender. Recently, I came across a thread in an online forum where a home baker was addressed by her client as ‘cakewali’. Going by the same suffixation, an IT personnel is computerwala/wali, an oscar winning actor is nautangiwala/wali, a chemist is dawaiwala/wali, a renowned chef is bawarchi, a pâtissier/ chocolatier is halwai and so on.

It sounds funny, right? Politically and technically it’s not wrong. At the same time, it’s about being sensitive and respectful to your fellow being. Addressing someone by their name is a kind gesture. Trust me, it costs nothing!

crinkle pic

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Chocolate Strawberry Crumble Bar

CHOCOLATE, this is something I’m never bored of. I mean it! How can anyone be bored of chocolates? You can unfriend me if you dislike chocolates.

Good chocolates always have a place in my pantry. And good strawberries are seasonal. I’m wary of buying strawberries off the shelf. Rarely, I land up with sweet strawberries. Anyway I picked this pack of organic strawberries just to find out that it wasn’t sweet enough for snacking. I was not in a mood to bake anything. But, I had to use these berries before it started rotting in the refrigerator.

I didn’t have anything in mind. Since we were going to Gilroy for a day long shopping, I wanted to take something to snack on the way. The berries became bars!

Choco berry bars

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Black Forest Preserve

Black Forest Preserve is a great accompaniment with cheese, drizzled as an ice cream sauce, between layers of cakes or to sandwich cookies. It’s a preseve with lots of fresh cherries and little chocolate to complement the fruity cherry flavor. This is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in a bottle minus the whipped cream.

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Strawberry Mousse Pie

This is a quick and creamy, no-bake mousse pie. I made this using a 7 inch round cake pan with a removable base. You may use a pie plate or springform pan. It lasted 4 dessert servings for us. If you’re a family of 4, then you may have it twice. What I like about this pie is the ease involed in putting it together. NO BAKE. Plus it takes about half an hour or so to prepare the whole recipe. You can use other berries too. It’s absolutely your preference. It’s made with whipping cream…so I feel less guilty devouring this instead of a cheesecake made with cream cheese or mascarpone. I didn’t add eggs…less calories and makes it suitable for vegetarians.

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Basil Cardamom White Chocolate Chantilly

Basil Cardamom White Chocolate Chantilly! This lethally rich, sweet and airy petite sized dessert which leaves you wanting more. A light dessert that takes care of your sugar craving 😜

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Heavenly Chocolate Ganaches and it’s many uses – updated version

Chocolate Ganache is amazingly versatile in baking. It’s indulgent taste and rich velvety texture has lots of uses. Ganache can be transformed as a glaze, poured over any cake as a frosting/ icing , truffles, piped into canapes, sauce for ice cream, filling for patisserie, topping for cookies, chocolate fondue, chocolate coating, chocolate mousse, chocolate drinks and more. Usually, Ganache is made with equal proportions of cream and chocolate. But, I use little butter and/or liqueur that gives ganache a desirable shiny texture and wonderful flavor. The taste of the final product depends on the chocolate used. Hence, it is essential to use a good quality chocolate to make gorgeous ganache.

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Pink Lamingtons

Lamingtons, it’s pink. If not for valentine’s day, it will a plain sponge. I tasted lamingtons for the first time when dad bought a boxful from his college bakery in Pune, Maharashtra. This made semester breaks enjoyable as I would look forward to having lamingtons with my famiy. I loved it as it was a moist chocolate coated sponge. Truly speaking, I’ve never seen this piece of baked product in any Indian bakery. Later, It was my Aussie flatmate who mentioned about this delectable delight. It helps sharing your living space with different nationalities, atleast we get to know about one’s regional delicacies. That’s how I came to know that Lamingtons originated in Australia. Continue reading “Pink Lamingtons”