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Christmas Fruit Cakes – Tips and more!

Winter begins in November/ December. Wind chills.  Frosty mornings. Frigid temperatures. Naked plants and trees. Heavy clothes. Dampness and darkness. Large gas bills. These are some of the not so pleasant things.

Mulled wine and warm cider. Soups and breads. Christmas. Baking fruit cakes and Christmas pudding. Christmas tree and nativity decoration. Ornaments and icicle lights. Buche de Noel and candy canes. Hymns and carols. Santa and the fire place. Poinsettias and pine trees.  A brand new year and few carried over un-kept resolutions. These are some of the pleasant things.

Boozy fruits

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Desserts/ Sweets/ Snacks

Christmas 2011 and Delectable Fruitcake

Our 6ft Christmas tree decorated by us 🙂

It’s late to write about Christmas…..but I wanted to complete what I started. The past decade I always worked on Christmas day or just spent the day by myself. A price paid for living overseas away from family and friends. Last year, PR and I were with my family and had a great time with our relatives. This year was special because we were on our own as a couple. Practicing customs helps us follow traditions. We put up the Christmas tree on the second week of December, decorated with candy canes, santa, snowman, nut crackers, glitter balls and bows. Along with putting up the tree, buying a poinsettia plant, sending greeting cards to family and friends, making orange pomanders and filling the flower vase with my favorite fresh tulips for a festive holiday display came the week long baking and cooking.

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