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Elumichampazham Urugai/ South Indian Style Lemon or Lime Pickle.

Pickles – This condiment literally tickles my palate. I LOVE pickles of any sort – sweet pickles, sour pickles, water pickles, candied pickles, fermented pickles, spicy pickles, tangy pickles. Pickles are vegetables or fruits soaked in solutions as a preservative. Be it European pickles that is acidic like the gherkins in brine and Kosher dill pickles or Far East’s fermented pickles like Kimchi and Japanese tsukemono with complex flavors. Likewise, Indian pickles have a myriad of spices and flavors. When citrus fruits are in season I make lemon/ lime pickle and preserve for later use.

Lemon pickle is commonly used in my household. I must say I’m the only pickle lover at home. I need any pickle with thayir sadam (plain yogurt rice). The husband cares less. It’s time-consuming (about 2-3 weeks) to yield the desired outcome, but takes less than an hour to put together. I make tonnes of pickle during summer and savor it throughout the year. Usually, I make the south Indian style pickles. Difference being the oil used for tempering and the spices used for seasoning. South Indians use sesame oil, while north Indians use mustard oil. Each impart a distinct flavor and aroma to the final output. Price wise, It costs half the price you’ll spend outside.

Lemon pickle – Instagram pic.

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Garam Masala/ Warm Savory Spice Blend – A Pinch of Magic

Garam Masala – Warm Spice Blend

Most Indian recipes I post has or will have ‘Garam Masala’ as one of the ingredients. Hence, I thought of posting the garam masala recipe. It wasn’t an easy job though. After eyeballing the internet, I found hundreds of recipes for Garam Masala. Some of the compositions made my eyebrows raise. I educated myself on the different blends available around the world. I am not surprised by the fact that some think ‘Garam Masala’ is Curry powder. Even some of the Indian Celeb Chefs on cooking shows refer it as ‘Indian Curry Powder’. Continue reading “Garam Masala/ Warm Savory Spice Blend – A Pinch of Magic”

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Valor Beans Poriyal / Avaraikai Poriyal

Poriyal means sautéed or sometimes fried vegetables. Poriyal serves as a side dish to a three course meal of rice with sambar, rasam and curd. This poriyal is made by shallow frying thinly sliced valor beans along with spices.


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